Go from 55 MPH to Party in 15 minutes!

This is where we get our name, HAVE BARS WILL TRAVEL LLC. Pulled the same as a small trailer these bars are street legal complete with running lights, side marker lights, turn signals, brake lights and a certificate to license in your State. These units can be towed by any vehicle with a 2000 lb. or higher tow rating and a 2000 lb. capacity or higher professionally installed hitch and 7 pin light plug.

User friendly control panel operates power canopy top, TV screens, DVD/CD/AM/FM player and speakers, mood lighting and is equipped with battery condition lights alerting the operator when it's time to plug in the on-board charger.  Electronics will operate for several hours before batteries need recharging allowing the bars to function in remote locations such as on golf courses or at events where no AC power is available.

Swivel style seats are easily accessed from their storage compartment and installed on the swing-out seat supports. Suports are then pinned in their swing-out position to provide comfortable seating for seven guests around three sides of the bar top. Seat storage drawer is then slid back into the cabinet and out of the way.

Jockey box (seen here in orange) is provided with every BEER TOWER bar and is easily accessed from this slide out shelf. Simply add ice and water to the jockey box cooler and your beer is routed through stainless steel cooling coils in the jockey box to provide chilled beer from the tap tower on the bar top. Space for your keg is also provided as shown along with all necessary tapping accessories and an on-board Co2 bottle. Everything is then slid back into the cabinet and closed-in behind a lockable door.

Fold down the two 15" LCD TV screens located in each corner and there's not a bad seat in the house. Deluxe models come equipped with the screens as shown and can be as simple as popping in your favorite DVD's or CD's or when properly equipped attach a satellite dish and watch your favorite sporting event.


U.S. Patent No. 7,052,062