Our highway legal towable bars can go from 55 MPH to "reception ready" in 15 minutes.


At HAVE BARS WILL TRAVEL LLC our portable bars will make your wedding reception the most talked about event anyone has ever attended.  

The natural attraction of the entertainment center serves as a gathering venue for your guests to interact. 

Complete with it's fold-down LCD TV screens and a pre-plan with your photographer a video of your wedding can actually be playing on the two 15" fold-down TV screens at your reception service bar. How cool is that?

The original attraction is the on-board beer keg service system complete with bar top beer tap tower, CO2 pressure system and jocky box beer cooling.  You just add the ice and the keg to make it a complete service bar.


U.S. Patent No. 7,052,062




Personalized units can be provided with graphics such as the bride and groom names, wedding date, wedding party names, wedding color matching seat covers, etc. Wedding photos/videos, life photos, life event DVD's all can be running on the fold-down TV screens on your service bar during the reception.